Monday, May 21, 2007
on sat.. class came early to skool and celebrated dorcia's bday in canteen before econs lesson.. the cake was really good.. simple yet tasty... haha.. yea.. played cards in the canteen for a while before proceeding to econs lessons.. had econs lesson from 10-11sth.. after which those involved in the college day left slightly earlier than the rest.. performing arts ppl had to practice their stuff while the rest and i went to canteen to play bridge whilst deciding whether to eat in skool or out.. the rest of the class came down shortly after and we headed to T-mart for lunch.. after that everyone headed home.. and those who had college day stayed on in skool.. apparently i was late for the meeting prior to college day and i was amazed by the no. of new faces i saw in the LT.. lol.. got my tie on and we were soon headed for the audi.. guess its my 1st time attending an important event in college.. thing was i didnt noe if i was seated at the right seat in the audi.. lol.. and i freaked out when i tot i had lost my tag.. lol.. college day commenced shortly after and it ended around 5sth pm.. had a photo-taking session and after that went for refreshments at the foyer.. lol.. for the first time i was having better-tasting food in skool.. after refreshments we went to meet up with the rest of the gp group and headed down to mk's hse to do the gp presentation.. watched a few really hilarious videos on the net before playing Topspin! haha.. finally get to play that game again.. felt bad not calling nic over to join in the playing.. had pizza at pizza hut for dinner wif mk and george.. headed home after that..

j0hN =) {12:12 AM}

Saturday, May 12, 2007
this week has really been a wonderful week for me.. and its really rare for such a week to come by cos you never noe wad's in-store for u in life.. im juz really extremely glad and thankful that there has been this week in my life..

hmm.. first of all.. i wanna thank God for seeing me thru the very day (tues) i had bio spa and chem fac test.. really grateful for Him giving me the discipline, motivation, strength to persevere on.. and of cos good memory.. i managed to complete bio spa with a sense of satisfaction.. now hoping these efforts would pay off.. and oso for chem fac test.. having only studied for 1 hour prior to the paper.. lol.. hope can pass la that one.. lol..

y is it when i was in sec skool i was aiming for those As and Bs and while i'm in JC im contented with border-line passes?

i was really impressed by the strong class spirit portrayed during the track and field meet, everyone giving their best striving towards a shared goal.. we emerged 3rd for the 12x100m j2 boys category.. its not the medal that matters.. its the process.. its the team spirit.. the never-give up attitude.. the "lets work together" mentality.. i could really feel that close bond within the class.. yea.. 06S01 rox!! =)

thursday was simply magical

yesterday i got the chance to see the school's various performing arts group perform their piece for the college day during the rehearsal.. was rather interesting.. and there was a humiliating part where i tot they were going to call my name and it turned out that it wasnt my turn yet.. lol.. there was a change in the schedule lor.. and wad i remember rehearsing on wed was different from yesterday's.. ah.. wadeva.. lol.. went to play vball with the rest after the rehearsal.. vball is fun but im not really good at it.. sigh.. haha..

im down with a sore throat, flu, and cough.. darn.. its either the flu bug going around or im deprived of sleep.. yea..

i found yesterday's topic regarding Prayer quite pertinent.. something that i never knew and something i could really put into good use.. sometimes the basics are equally as essential.. it taught me how to go about saying a prayer and that as we pray more and more.. it will awaken the spiritman inside us gradually.. yea.. really interesting stuff.. i tot of the closest friend of mine when we were discussing something about praying for someone/something and having to wait an extremely long time before our prayers were answered.. basically we have to destroy the notion of an instant generation.. we have to learn to be patient and wait in faith as our prayers are being answered.. yea.. =) but i was wondering to myself how i was gonna bring this friend back to Him.. i know its not gonna be an easy task.. but i really want this friend to be saved..

anw.. i really count myself blessed to have had such a close friend in this lifetime of mine.. i mean only a handful in their lives ever find someone whom they can really relate to.. someone who understands each other.. a feeling thats exciting yet heartwarming when you're with that person.. someone you cant live without.. someone u wish u had known much earlier.. someone who feels the same way as u do.. someone u can never bear to say goodbye under all circumstances.. all in all.. someone who's ur other half...

i juz want you to know having you around has been the greatest gift on earth i could have ever asked for.. juz want u to noe.. i cherish you alot... =)

j0hN =) {1:52 PM}

Sunday, May 06, 2007
sometimes life's cold.. full of uncertainty.. full of downs.. full of sorrow.. full of confusion.. but its really great to have a true and really close friend.. someone whom we hold dear to us.. someone whom we hold close to our hearts.. someone who shares our joy and sadness.. someone we can turn to when we feel so alone.. it could really brighten up our unhappy days.. and bring a smile to our faces.. =)

im glad i found you =)

and yes.. thats wad struck me out of the blue.. but its really true.. genuine friendship.. thats sth money cant buy.. happiness money cant bring.. ok ok.. im not against money.. but yea.. lol..

as usual.. im deprived of movie shows.. and im always lagging behind the norm.. yea.. lol..

bio spa and chem fac test on the same day.. shit..

j0hN =) {9:40 PM}

Saturday, May 05, 2007
its really sad to know that almost half the year's gone.. that leaves us with half a year left of schooling life.. i mean.. to me.. schooling life has always been fun.. irregardless of the sad and down times.. but all in all.. when u look back and recall your past schooling life.. you'll realise that those ups and downs happened to make life beautiful.. its the rollercoaster that always catches our attention..

the As are slowly but surely creeping nearer towards us.. and as the As start to draw closer.. it hit me both left and right.. on one hand i know studying is not an option now.. on the other hand.. it dawned on me that in half a year's time we'll arrive at a major turning point in life.. where we'll have come to the end of the entire schooling life.. no more homeworks.. no more teachers' nagging.. no more fun and laughter times, small or big.. no more gossips.. much much lesser hanging-out time with friends.. where we have to adjust to the kind of world we were not previously exposed to.. im gonna miss schooling life.. some may tink its kinda too early to start fretting over this matter.. but well.. time flies.. how i wish when i was little.. someone would come up to me and say. " son.. life is unique and it only occurs once in a special way to everyone.. so make sure u optimise it to its utmost and stay happy always..." if u wanna live ur life to the fullest, now's the time to do it.. no, not now.. but ever since you received ur consciousness..

its when we're young that we can truly taste the sweetness of life.. the kind of fun we get when we're young and small is really unqiue..

they say as u age.. time speeds up its pace.. im beginning to trust its reliability..

and yes.. the pressure is building on.. common tests.. fac tests.. spa.. whatnot.. but its ok.. take it a step at a time.. no need to worry.. but i guess this is merely the tip of the iceberg.. napfa's also on the way.. oh shit oh shit.. apparently i tink my stamina has deteriorated.. shit.! gotta make the best outta this 3 remaining weeks to get myself into shape.. hope can get silver.. =)

friends.. yes.. its like when we've known each other better have we to separate again... this sux man.. cherish them while time still permits..

i've begun to start like a 3-day TV night programme.. first its after hours on mon.. then to brainiac on tues.. lol.. then onto planet earth on wed nites.. yea.. its kinda relaxing to take a break after a hard day's of work.. yea..

oh yea.. my hammies are like 8 months old alr.. ever since i received them for my bday present last yr.. yea.. dey're like so cute! haha.. i dread the day they become motionless..

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ok.. now im gonna do a recap for some of the days in the month..

4x400m was a flop all thanx to me.. yes.. aiya.. shit man.. i guess im not made for long dist.. felt really bad letting the other 3 guys down after dey had given their all.. crap.. the same thing happened to me last yr for the 4x400 too.. juz that it was slightly better than this year's..

rugby's really gonna kill us slowly.. first wk we had rugby it was nic who was the casualty.. then it was me and peter the following week.. lol.. a cut at the forehead, a swollen left cheek and nasty nose bleed.. yea.. well.. im kinda glad i finally got the chance to play rugby.. always wanted to spin the rugby ball.. but touchdowns werent exactly nice.. lol.. eventually we finally got used to it cos we had to like really dive for the ground at that very second.. lol.. okok.. we learnt how to tackle too.. some tackles are really rough while some isnt that bad.. sometimes being tackled the "softer" way is kinda fun.. lol..

17/4 - we had fire drill that tuesday and there were ppl who brought umbrellas along to block the sun.. lol.. after maths extra lesson peter, mk, and i headed down to downtown east for a free scoop of B & J's icecream on B&J free scoop day!! the queue was madness.. lol..

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18/4 - i knew how to do the chem quilibrium test but committed a careless mistake, sometimes i wonder wad deters me from putting in so much effort is the dreaded moment when ur efforts dun pay off, played bball for awhile then to volley squash then home

19/4 - sexuality talk with 06A01, apparently the maths relief teacher was oso e form teacher of a01.. lol..

20/4 - practised passing of the baton in light of upcoming heats, played vball and sat around to chat with class vball ppl and to see the 200m heats for guys.. time really flies.. it feels like today's tues and monday has juz passed..

thing is.. we werent eligible for the 4x100m in the end all b/c we din report on that raining day.. thats lame..

the mind is a really miraculous object.. it seems to have a mind of its own.. i started thinking bout cambodia which unconsciously led to photography and finally to road run.. lol..

22/4 - went for the 1st day of the 3-day kayaking course.. this time it was at kallang water venture.. new instructors.. dirtier waters.. new environment.. new kayaks (easily capsizable).. rusty skills.. yea.. thats was wad it was like on the 1st day of kayak 2-star course.. had a relatively long lecture b4 we soon hit the waters.. had to familiarise myself with the new kayaks.. happened to be the lucky 1st to capsize and i almost drowned cos i forgot that the spray skirt was on and i forgot to pull the skirt out.. so... i started struggling for air whilst trying to force my way outta the kayak.. and when i tot i was gonna be like knocked out.. the spray skirt came out in time for me to breathe the crucial breath.. yes.. my 2nd drowning experience.. humiliating and disgusting..

27/4 - we were supposed to run our 4x100m today but due to the pouring rain.. we had to suspend the heats.. but the dumb part was.. we din noe that we had to report to stay in the competition.. and thus.. to our astonishment and anger.. we were disqualified from the race.. darn.. juz like that! >:( stayed back in the canteen and played cards with some of class ppl..

28/4 - 2nd day of kayaking course.. this time we had lesser lecture time and more practicals.. started learning and practising the 2-star strokes.. some of the moves are really scary.. cos ur required to flip the kayak and part thereof.. yea.. but the moves were kinda fun actually.. we went to deeper waters compared to the 1st day and executed more moves before heading back to shore.. oh ya.. met joel, albert, and evan at the water venture cos dey were representing yjc in some dragonboat competition.. yea.. great to see old friends and see how they're doing.. people change..

29/4 - woa! expedition day! 6km.. 1 water bottle.. packed lunch.. from kallang water venture all the way to the CBD area.. pure kayak.. sheer strength and perseverence.. yea.. we hit the waters veh early once course commenced.. back muscles started aching half-way to CBD area.. but the rewarding thing was.. only with instructors were we allowed to enter the CBD area.. normal kayakers who rent the kayaks aint allowed to pass thru the 2nd bridge.. yea.. its really cool cos u get to venture to new waters and exploring the new scenaries.. only this time its from the water.. had to make sure the kayak doesnt capsize cos its gonna be nastily messy and troublesome.. assessment along the way.. had to ensure we did the strokes properly.. so the trip was kinda part pressure part relax.. lol.. its really hard to maintain the direction of the kayak due to the choppy waves.. but after a while you'll get the hang of it.. the highlight of the expedition was when we had lunch on the sea.. in the middle of CBD.. surrounded by towering buildings and being scorched by the blistering sun.. yea.. i mean how often do u get to eat lunch on a kayak, in the middle of a wide water body and relaxing on the kayak at the same time.. after that.. everyone was instructed to capsize and to find a way to get back onto our kayaks.. without any rescue.. the first time that came to mind when capsizing was whether i'd see my water bottle again not.. fortunately.. it floated.. lol.. and so did the empty lunch packs.. after restoring ourselves.. we journeyed the excruciating and punishing back to the water venture.. coming out of the kayak was simply shiok beyond shiok.. lol.. laid in the waters for a while before heading back to the classroom for more theory lectures.. the issuing of the cert.s spelt the end of the 3-day course.. yes.. relieved yet sad.. blacker than black.. lol.. that was the last time i saw the instructors.. yea.. but the fun hadnt ended!! mich, jz, and i went to eat good dim sum and nice tauhuay at geylang.. yea.. but i guess there're more nice food around in geylang.. food hunt!!

30/4 - went to dine at my uncle's restaurant in pasir panjang with my relatives in celebration of mother's day.. the food served were simply delectable.. something i dun get to eat everyday.. something new.. tasted wine for the 1st time in my life.. im serious.. im not exactly a drinker.. oh well.. a blessing or curse? anw.. then there were other special drinks and the desserts were nice..
i finally get to taste the newyork cheesecake and oreo cheesecakes.. lol.. top quality man.. it was so good i found it hard to swallow the cheese.. lol.. and then my uncle was like eh john smell and taste the wine so next time u know which type of wine to get with ur gf around.. haha.. he also suggested me working part-time in the F&B business.. i tot it might actually be an eye-opener.. so i guess i'd become a part-time waiter after my A levels.. haha..

1/5 - MAY DAY!! lol.. ok.. its juz another holiday.. anw.. went to meet up with amanda, joanne, wynne to settle some of the photos needed for the scrapebook.. and i learnt how to go to parkway shopping centre from home.. take 25 or 55 or 853 then change to 15 at eunos station.. but humiliating as it was.. i had to refer to the bus directory.. lol.. im not a singaporean.. yea.. haha.. for the first time i was using the public photo-developing machine at photo shops.. used the ATN (izzit ATN? the one that u can pay ur bills, buy movie tix, etc.. shit im really not singaporean..) machine for the first time to check vacancies for bbq pits.. window-shopped for a while, headed to macs for a bite.. then went to collect the developed photos and it was off to eat the special mango snow-kachang!!! wah.. yay!! i finally get to eat that.. and its really soft and melts in ur mouth so smoothly.. nice stuff.. =) sat around for a while before i had to go home while amanda and joanne continued to work on the book..

went to celebrate my brother's bday at Manhanttan Fish Market at PS.. lol.. its been a while since i went to a place with my parents thats normally patronised by youths and teenagers.. haha.. but the food was beyond-satisfying and really rewarding.. ordered quite an array of dish so each of us could have a bit of everything.. variety.. mmm.. i muz say their food has quality and standard.. even dad praised their food.. i didnt feel like john when i couldnt finish the food.. its juz not john to do that.. wanted to go swensons but eventually we gave it a miss and went home cos we were really filled.. oh ya.. its been a really really loooooong while since i got a chance to see the PS carpark.. and it has changed quite a bit.. with new signals at each lot to indicate vacant or occupied.. things change.. PS wasnt like this at all when i went there for piano lessons then..

fruitful day i muz say.. at least i didnt spend the day lazing around and doing nth.. i dread wasting my hols..

dad changed our car on monday.. it was like in the morning my bro and i were driven to skool in the old car (not old actually.. ) and we were driven in the new car to meet our relatives for dinner.. funny thing was.. my bro and i werent told that the car had been changed and so we were like dumb ppl looking for the car only to be surprised that we had a new car.. lol.. yea.. new car smell..

last but definitely not least.. im shedding all over!! all thanx to the kayaking.. now it seems like im suffering from skin cancer.. lol.. actually its juz the face and arms.. surprisingly my necks burnt but not peeling.. yet i tink.. there's 2 different tones of skin colour now!! argh.. put moisturiser alr still no effect.. i tink its beyond repair.. lol.. fair skin..! peeling and peeling and peeling......................

well.. and yes.. that sums up my blog entry.. :D

j0hN =) {9:27 AM}

Saturday, April 21, 2007
well.. its been quite a while since i last visited blogger.. i guess i dun exactly fit being a blogger myself..

time really flies.. it seems as though someone juz pulled an april's fool joke on me.. but we're alr approaching the end of april.. darn.. this only means 3 things : im losing my youth, the days spent in school are gradually but surely diminishing, and the dreaded As r looming ahead..

once this year comes to a close.. that spells the end of school life.. where we'll never get the opportunity of being in close company with our cherished friends again.. the fun we had.. the laughters.. sure we'll still hang out once in a while but it aint comparable to those happy and memorable moments spent in school with them.. i've always enjoyed being a teenager..

well.. thats juz a gidst of wad's normally going on in my mind.. thinking about the future and reminiscing the past.. the mind is such a miraculous object.. and then i'll get emo and sentimental all over again.. ok.. wadeva.. lol..

the following weeks are gonna be quite a handful.. napfa, fac tests and other stuff to attend to.. oh im going for my 2-star kayakin course tml.. lol.. but most of wad we learnt in 1-star seem to have escaped the clutches of my mind.. lol.. anw.. think its gonna be slightly tougher but hope it'll be equally fun nonetheless..

i tink i've deteriorated in terms of my physical fitness.. lol..

ok.. going to make a new pair of specs!! i might come home with contacts.. maybe..

j0hN =) {6:27 PM}

Sunday, March 04, 2007
ok.. today marks the last day of CNY 2007.. CNY 07 is never gonna return.. never.. juz as it did for the previous 18 CNYs.. ok.. call me emo.. wadeva..

and so.. today's date is 4-3-07.. nice date.. and a special one.. i hope.. and as this year's CNY comes to an end, i hope sth else goes along with it too.. and never ever to return again.. well.. at least for the first time i like goodbyes.. only for this instance..

j0hN =) {8:26 PM}

Saturday, March 03, 2007
cant believe i slept for 10.5 hours last nite.. i mean evening.. shortly after i came out of the shower.. i soon found myself lying on the bed and slowly dozing off.. wanted to juz take a siester but it turned out to be a really good and shiok looong sleep.. lol.. sleeping is nice.. :) guess it was probably the weather.. lol.. and i skipped breakfast.. which made my stomach growl the next morning when i awoke at 5.30am to get some studying done.. econs was merely a few hours away! lol.. rite.. so i started shoving huge chunks of info into my head.. my sleepy head.. lol.. wasnt exactly effective tho.. lol..

ok.. so the a level results for chinese has finally been revealed.. and... i got... a... C! which leaves me on the fence.. to retake or to drop it.. on one hand im tempted to push my luck.. on the other.. i needa buck up on my other subjects.. oh man.. dilemma dilemma.. hmm.. im gonna weigh the pros and cons.. haha! how m i gonna break the news to my parents and whats gonna be their reactions? i've never been good in chinese...

seeing the many faces of sorrow in the hall yesterday somehow made me realise the utter importance of that bloody results slip.. that puny and dumb slip that determines the path we're gonna walk in the future.. argh.. i feel sorry for us students.. lol..

so is it gonna be psychology, sciences or business in the future? hmm.. im bent on psychology but im not sure if i'll make the cut.. oh well.. and im not exactly sure what i'd be dealing with..

bio spa skill CD on tues and chem supp. test on thurs.. maths faculty test on mon of march.. one after another.. ok.. im sensing the rising tension alr.. gotta get studying!! better make sure i come out feeling a sense of confidence.. but one things for sure.. the chem spa skill A will haunt me to the day im six feet under..

juz finished GP compre fac test and econs fac test this week.. another week of perseverance coming up.. at least i managed to write slightly more for AQ this time round.. and i hope that what i know and wrote for econs was valid.. lol..

caught borat on dvd on thurs nite.. lol.. only found some of his acts hilarious.. but the others.. nah.. shit.. i tink i might have lost my sense of humour.. cos i know i should be laughing my head off at his silly moves.. lol.. but i wasnt most of the time.. sigh.. i want my sense of humour back!!

random thought: bridge is fun!

after pe yesterday our class went to the newly opened extended canteen to have our meals.. was rather cooling actually.. lol.. then after which we went to have a bball match with another class.. apparently they offered us a challenge la.. but it was supposed to be a friendly match.. however.. the match wasnt exactly "friendly".. lol.. darn.. my stamina has deteriorated badly.. and i ended up having sun burnts.. lol..

yep.. thats abt it..

j0hN =) {3:12 PM}

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